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Step 1. Capture your brilliant ideas, any time, anywhere!

Use sticky notes, lists, images, attachments, videos, links, and audio files to capture your ideas. Conduct brainstorming sessions where team members can drag their ideas from private canvases to team canvases to shared. Turn your next teleconference into an engaging brainstorming session! There’s no other app with this capability!

Step 2. Communicate and collaborate — intensly!

All within Teamput. No need for emails!

With Teamput, you can communicate exactly where it makes sense — directly on ideas. If you’ve heard the term “visual collaboration” and wondered what it means, this is what it is about. Teamput makes everything highly visual and directs team members’ energy and talent like a laser beam on what matters most. No more reading emails and missing the meaning of communication.

Start a threaded discussion within a note, list, or image.

Comment on canvases.

For some ideas or simple tasks you may not need to use the canvas, but with canvas card comments you always have the opportunity for rich focused discussion just where you need it! And now you can add files, images, and even video to your comments!

Have conversations with individuals or the whole team.

You’ll be alerted any time there is a new conversation or comment. No more wading through 100 emails to find that one that relates to a particular project.

Step 3. Prioritize ideas and focus on the right tasks.

Your canvases full of rich ideas are displayed as cards in lists instead of files hidden in folder. Click on the canvas title and you’ll see all of the ideas. Click on the bell to see what ideas have been recently added to the canvas.

Move canvas cards within or across lists that you create. This it what agile experts call a kanban board. The rest of us call it a great way to stay focused while we move ideas through the stages needed to achieve amazing results.

Step 4. Accomplish more, quickly!

With Teamput, you can complete quick focused sprints from ideas to initial products and services from which you can get useful feedback and continue the cycle as needed. You’ll avoid the costly perils of long blind marches to perfection.

Thousands of individuals and teams are accomplishing more with Teamput. How about you?

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Per Month
  • 5 Team Members
  • 500 MB Storage
  • Up to 10 Canvases
  • 1 Team Space that You Start or Administer
  • SSL Security
  • No public page option
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Per Month
  • 20 Team Members
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Canvases
  • 10 Team Spaces that You Start or Administer
  • SSL Security
  • No public page option
For moderate use