Visual Collaboration for Remote Teams

and everyone who wants to generate more ideas and be more agile

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Get great ideas from even the quietest people on your remote teams (or face-to-face).

Follow this best practice for using Teamput to engage all team members in idea generation.
  • Start by letting everyone gather ideas on their private canvases — quitely without bias from others.
  • Share ideas, anonymously at first, by having everyone drag their ideas to a shared canvas.
  • Vote on ideas. Without revealing names, the ideas stand on their own merit.
  • Quieter team members have a chance to truly engage and share their ideas.
  • Those who used to dominate learn to be more inclusive.
  • With more engagement and inclusion, you’ll get better results from your teams.

With Teamput, you can easily lead the type of brainstorming session suggested by Professor Leigh Thompson at Northwestern University.

Be More Agile!

Being agile is all about keeping everything simple and visual so you can get things done. Frequent short “sprints” generate feedback on both the product or service being developed (or process being improved) as well as the teams’ approaches to getting work done.

The good news is that any team can sprint their way to rapid development and improvement of products, processes, and services. We use this agile cycle to develop and refine Teamput.


Bill Youngdahl, PhD
Founder, 14falcons
Creators of Teamput

“Customers told us they want to push beyond simple online visual collaboration and idea generation. They want to use Teamput to get the ideas implemented.

We think this a great idea, so that’s exactly where we are heading.”

Take a look at our new interface!

Coming very soon….

Our customers already love Teamput for visual collaboration — creating, sharing and commenting on richly presented ideas on canvases (something they can’t do with other online agile apps). Many tell us that they tried other sticky-note apps but abandoned them because they were too complicated.

Now we are about to take Teamput to a whole new level!

You’ll create personal spaces and team spaces where you’ll work on canvases.

Within personal spaces and team spaces, you’ll create lists to organize your canvases. Everything is visual. No more canvases hiding in folders!

Click on the canvas name and you’ll call up the canvas. You can go from brainstorming of rich ideas to visually managing these ideas as tasks.

Click on the info icon on the canvas card and you’ll find canvas options and comments.

When you click recent activity, you’ll see the actual items that were added. Prettty cool, huh?

This mashup of Teamput’s current canvas-based visual collaboration and idea generation and simple, visual task management will be released by early September. We hoped to launch it earlier, but brilliance takes time!

Key Features

Create sticky notes just like when you are face-to-face. Sticky notes fuel agile teams!
Create lists with moveable items. Perfect for agile teams that like to sprint instead of crawl!
Share files and images by dragging them from your computer to a canvas. to be agile, you need to keep things simple!
Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos on your canvases.
Chat with individuals or an entire team.
Generate PDF text reports or export a png image of any canvas. No more taking pictures of those walls full of sticky notes!
Make canvases anonymous or display names. It’s up to you.
Create optional public web pages to share your ideas.
Control what others can do from full editing to read only.
Let everyone gather ideas on private canvases before dragging them to a shared canvas.
You can let team members vote on ideas. It’s up to you!
Engage in online brainwriting and simpler online sticky note brainstorming, side-by-side.

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Anything you do with sticky notes can be put online.

Here’s what Sarah did.

Sarah Browning, SVP, MOSS

“I was looking for a simple web-based tool that would function like sticky notes on a wall for process mapping.  After seeing what was out there, and trying more complex applications, it was clear that Teamput had a clean simple solution. I quickly translated my sticky-note map off my office wall and onto a digital wall where I could collaborate with off-site team members.”

Sarah Browning
Senior Vice President, Operations

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